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Texas Steel Guitar Hall of Fame 2008

Texas Steel Guitar Hall of Fame 2008

Jody Sanders

“…..Terry has reworked 2 of my amps and the work was excellent and his prices are right.”

“Both amps have a fierce sound. Fierce meaning they will blow you off the stage with tone and volume.”

“Terry Lovett….south of Houston is mighty good. He got my Fender Twin and Session 400 back in excellent shape.”  –The Steel Guitar Forum

Jody Cameron

Texas Steel Guitar Player of the Year 2008

Texas Steel Guitar Player of the Year 2008

“My pal Terry Lovett just overhauled my favorite old amp – a 1993 Nashville 400. Four years of hard touring across the USA, and many beer joints across Texas in the past 5 years or so. It finally gave out on me, but Terry resurrected it for me. New components and reverb upgrade. The reverb now sounds more like the old Fender reverbs did. I can honestly say that this amp sounds better than it ever has, even when new – all thanks to Terry.”  –The Steel Guitar Forum

Jody Cameron with the Bobby Flores Swing Band

Jody Cameron with the Bobby Flores Swing Band


Leonard Crosson

“The following is a brief review of the preamp Terry built for me. I’ll start by identifying exactly what he did at my request. I wanted a bass preamp, and what I had was an old 1960 model Ampeg Jet 12 guitar amp. So Terry modded the old amp, turning it into a studio quality bass preamp,while including a circuit allowing me to also use it as a guitar amp if/when I wanted to play my guitar through it. I really don’t know all the technical jargon to explain the details of what he did, but I wanted to let you know how this unit is working for me.

First of all, it is a very quiet operating preamp, something that I really think is important, especially when playing at a small venue like a 200 seat church. It has absolutely no hiss whatsoever, but has way more gain than I ever have needed. I’ve been operating it at just below 3 and that is all the gain necessary. I drive it into a Crest LT1000 power amp and it will blow the doors off if I need it to.

Leonard's Bass

Leonard’s Bass

Terry utilized the (James) tone stack circuit that the amp was originally built around and it has tone that must be heard to understand. Words of description……..thick, rich, multi-layed harmonics, clean, crisp, articulate, quick responsiveness, depth, big sounding, full, pure…..well, you get the idea. It’s just got that high quality sound that you would normally pay in the thousands of dollars to get. I appreciate having only two tone knobs, and finding out that’s all I need, and I get every sound I want.

……To summarize: out of an old Ampeg tube amp, Terry built a bass preamp that is as high quality as anything, and I do mean anything, on the market. Back in the day, a ‘sleeper’ was plain looking car that would run circles around anything else. My preamp is just that; It looks like an old Ampeg Jet 12 but, it runs circles around anything else. Kudos to Terry for a top quality job. This is one sweet bass preamp. And I haven’t even started to tell you about how cool this unit sounds using it as a guitar amp….hot rod city…but, that’s another review altogether. Thanks again Terry for the best bass preamp anyone could want.”  Respectfully,  Leonard Crosson