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                                               AMPLIFIER REPAIR SERVICE OF TEXAS

Ampeg V4 - Circa 1971

Ampeg V4 – Circa 1971

  • General Audio Amp Maintenance & Repair Service – professional tube-amp service, upgrades, & Mods
  • Authorized Fender Service Tech – USA
  • Fender Deluxe Rev mods & upgrades
  • Fender II Model mods & upgrades
  • Nashville, Session, & Fender Twin Upgrades & Mods for steel players
  • New & Vintage amp service: Marshall, Gibson, Kalamazoo, Epiphone, all models
  • LE Custom Bass Preamps available
    • Custom Speaker Baffles built and installed
  • School & Business Audio System setups, tuning, and repair; FOH training available
  • Free Amp Consultation & Diagnostics
  • All Service is Warranty Provided
  • Mercury Magnetics® Transformers
  • 30 Years Professional Experience

'60's Vox Royal Guardsman Upgrade

1960’s Vox Royal Guardsman Upgrade

Mullard – 1928

Business Philosophy:

Knowledge  should always be tempered by a good measure of humility. I am here to employ my service in design, upgrades, and remediation of pro audio equipment. I am committed to resolve your problems to their root cause and help your amp regain functionality and tone for another decade or two. Quality work should never be negotiable, only the perceived value of the task. Satisfaction is not always defined by price point and my aim is to demonstrate that.

Fender’s Super can really give it up!












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